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To further his love for nature and country living, Faiez Hassan lives in the outskirts of the city of Lahore at a purpose-built country home named as “Blessings Country Home” (BCH). Since 2007, BCH continues to provide a special atmosphere that supports learning, reflection and growth. Inspired by the NTL Institute’s Founder House at Bethel Maine, USA, where Faiez Hassan went through his life’s first major transition in 1995, while participating in a T-Group training session, BCH is especially designed providing opportunities to slow down, disconnect from the pressures of everyday life and focus on enhancing understanding and insights, and connecting to nature and its Creator.

It is a place composed by the elements of peace and harmony, away from the complexities of the mechanical life; a dream cherished by every person in the world. With such a dream Faiez Hassan too craved for, he has introduced a life that is incredibly close to nature; farm animals, chirping birds, the ‘mooing’ cows, the clucking turkeys and the soothing sound of the flowing water in the fountain channels and ponds. Also the beautiful subtle light effects at every step endows one the opportunities to explore one self and be grateful for all the blessings of the Almighty, Allah. BCH constantly struggles to encourage optimistic thinking and becoming aware of one’s sole purpose of life, only possible by getting away from the noise and tensions of one’s daily routine, relaxing in a place made for contemplation. Besides living, Faiez conducts the following activities at the Blessings Country Home:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group and family counseling/therapy sessions
  • T-Group training
  • Family vision/mission statements sessions
  • Intimate Bar-b-Que and Bonfire
  • Spiritual healing sessions

BCH provides its guests and visitors with the most entertaining and enjoyable amenities, compelling them not to waste a single second of their stay. With its wide variety of facilities and services, BCH makes it absolutely inevitable to make one’s experience not only a complete blessing, but also indeed a memory ingrained in book of life. It provides a multi-dimensional range of amenities, such as follows:

  • A western style mountain house with Canadian wood covered roofs, and mud finish exterior
  • A stretched playground
  • Fish and bird pond
  • Farm animals
  • Jacuzzi
  • Farm fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Farm fresh milk and eggs
  • Poolside bar and bar-b-Que
  • Water fall
  • Village style water pump
  • Trees-covered long and swinging drive-way covered with stones
  • Wood-made bridges on the drive-way
  • Swimming pool
  • Clay furnace (Tandoor)
  • Plants nursery
  • Badminton, tennis, volley-ball and basket-ball courts
  • Lush green fields
  • Open air theater

BCH provides a supreme lifestyle, with a unique blend of today’s modern world with the peace of the village/country life. With exceptional facilities creating the village aura and environment, BCH promises a sort of experience that is hard to explain in words.

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