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Acknowledgment For Faiez Hasssan

Posted by on May 30th, 2011 with 10 Comments

Privileged to be trained at the world’s premiere institutions including Harvard Business School, NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, and First Institute of NLPTM, Faiez is considered an authority on behavioral, mind, relationship, success and spiritual sciences. In the last over 20-year of his career in Pakistan, Faiez has positively influenced the lives of millions of people in four continents. He is a great influencer, motivator and a coach for this generation. Faiez’s niche in all the work he does, is his unique blending of modern behavioral, mind and relationship sciences principles with the “laws of nature”, making his message powerful enough to change individuals’ and collective beliefs in moments. He is a best-selling author of nine books and hundreds of audio and video programs. Many of his books are translated in seven languages. In addition, he is an eloquent speaker, a great teacher, an authoritative consultant and a friendly coach. Although Faiez is read, heard and appreciated equally by a common-man as well as the privileged class, both young and elderly, he is known as the great influencer and coach of the new generation and is credited for his extra-ordinary ability to influence younger people.

Did Faiez touch your life?

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  1. Waqqas Alvi says:

    Sir i wanted to thank you for letting me understand the importance of commitment. Alhamdulilah, now i try to do whatever i have said and with the grace of Allah Almighty, i always succeed in whatever i try to do.
    May Allah Almighty bless you always.

  2. Muhammad Saleem Memon says:

    Sir, I agree with your mission and have inspired, which is not only your mission but real mission of every
    true believer.
    Mission to help others for understanding their due role and purpose of birth on this earth, is message of Allah to humans transferred through chain of is for success of human here and hereafter too.

    Zindagee Aamad Barai Bandagee

    Zindagee b Bandagee Sharmindagee hi Sharmindagee.

    May Allah Bless all of Us and Whole Humanity for understanding / Achieving truth of our life!

  3. hassan says:

    truly inspireed by Sir Faiez.sir you are best of the all..i am following your lecture i am trying to change my life,thank you sir for youe books lectures training and for your guideline,,i think Allah pak jb kisi qoom per meharban hota hai tu Sir Faiez jese log bejh deta hai us qoom may,,stay blessed forever..may you live long inshAllah

  4. muhammad riasat says:

    Dear Sir thank you very much for bringing a positive change in my life.You are doing much more to bring the change in the lives of people and to change this society.HUM BUDLEN GE inshallah.Tank you very much.please keep it up.

  5. maliha says:

    SIR the version of motivational tricks in your book choose or be choosen is the phase of my running time period as i was confused with it but after copleting this book i am filled from my inner how to over come such circumstances and your these struggle lighted my life with key of aunthicational refrences…plegde of respect is honourable to you .

  6. Engr Waqas Akram says:

    Truly inspired by your writings, May ALLAH give you strength to write more, I want to meet you personally and want to do work with you, in this mission. Please reply me


  7. ASAD SHAH says:

    Dear sir I have no words to write about you. but i really want to be your student
    best regards
    ASAD (PhD Student)

  8. Ramza Nomani says:

    Assalam alykum Brother Sayal,

    I hope you are doing well in deen and dunya!

    My name is Ramza Nomani, and I am a student of Biotechnology at COMSATS, Islamabad.

    I would like to inquire if you’d be available this month of November or December to hold a seminar at COMSATS. We just had an opportunity to host Brother Junaid Jamshed at our university and got an overwhelming positive response and high attendance to his lecture. It has truly inspired us to introduce more Islamic speakers to the youth to whom they could relate and thus get inspiration from.

    I understand you have a busy schedule, and I assume you reside in Karachi, thus if traveling to Islamabad would not work for you, we’d be happy to have you talk with us through teleconference. Please let me know in either case. I’ll greatly appreciate your response!

    Just on a personal note, I have read few of your books, and I must say they are life-changing, mashaAllah. We so need such books that relate Islamic development to Islam, and yours do a splendid job doing that, hamdulillah!

    Hope to hear back from you soon, inshaAllah!

    Ramza Nomani
    Biotechnology Department

  9. ummeyousuf says:

    Aoa how are you sir,i read your book and my life is changeing,i want to talk to you about me and my family
    jazak allah
    may Allah bless you.

  10. Muhammad Asad says:

    Dear Faiez Sb,I have no words to thank you as you ought to be thanked for the favour which you have rendered upon people by your moral,financial and philosophical support.I have good intentions to meet you but it seems hard.I have today completed your 2nd edition book “THE RAOD TO SUCESS”that i got from some 1.It has given me a new spirit and shattered my old beliefs, made me energetic,enthusiastic and vigorative.It enriched my mind by its worldly knowledge of east and West.It purified my body and soul.Ur experience and beliefs are unmatchable.Allah will reward you.

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