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1.      People resist change because they are ignorant of the cost of no-change. (Faiez Seyal)

2.      Be the change to bring change. (Faiez Seyal)

3.      Change yourself, and your world will change. (Faiez Seyal)

4.      Nations shall have the leaders they deserve. (Faiez Seyal)

5.      National character is just a sum of its individuals’ character. (Faiez Seyal)

6.      As long as there are ignorant people who could be exploited, there would always be exploiters. (Faiez Seyal)

7.      One does not have to be a president to make the difference. (Faiez Seyal)

8.      If we refuse to ignore small things, they will never become blunders. (Faiez Seyal)