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Life (Philosophy)

1.      The only purpose of our being is to serve the Lord by serving others. And to be able to do it, we will have to learn and change. (Faiez Seyal)

2.      Listen to your heart and you will never be disappointed. (Faiez Seyal)

3.      Know yourself before knowing others. (Faiez Seyal)

4.      Deciding how to die is not a choice, but choosing how to live surely is. (Faiez Seyal)

5.      Life is not how many years we live, but what we do in those years. (Faiez Seyal)

6.      Life is too short, so live it to its fullest. (Faiez Seyal)

7.      In life you have three main tasks, learn from past, live in present and prepare for future. (Faiez Seyal)

8.      The longest journey I can ever remember is the journey to self-discovery. (Faiez Seyal)

9.      The earlier you learn to take over the responsibility of your life, the earlier you can become successful. (Faiez Seyal)

10.  Even if we are moving in the right direction, we will be run over if we just sit and wait. (Faiez Seyal)

11.  No matter how fast you run, you will never reach, if you do not know where you are heading for. (Faiez Seyal)

12.  If you don’t know where you want to go, then it does not matter which road you take. (Faiez Seyal)

13.  Man is not capable of inventing, he was sent to discover. (Faiez Seyal)

14.  God does not want us to change the world, He wants us to change ourselves. (Faiez Seyal)

15.  In search of my mother’s life, I discovered mine. (Faiez Seyal)