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1.      If we stay alive, the time is the biggest healer. (Faiez Seyal)

2.      We can never manage time, but we can always manage ourselves against time. (Faiez Seyal)

3.      To make the best use of the moment in hand, ask, “Is there a better use of my time right now”. (Faiez Seyal)

4.      Those who waste time, time wastes them. (Faiez Seyal)

5.      Save Time, Save Life. (Faiez Seyal)

6.      Time is like money at least in one way, the less we have, more wisely we spend. (Faiez Seyal)

7.      Take charge of yourself, and the time will take care of itself. (Faiez Seyal)

8.      Time is the only thing, once spent never comes back. (Faiez Seyal)

9.      Eighty percent people waste their present, their only reality thinking about the past or the future. Past will not repeat and future, no one has seen. Get the best out of the present moment of time. (Faiez Seyal)