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Community Seminars

Since, 1995, Faiez has delivered hundred of complementary seminars for various institutions throughout Pakistan. These voluntary seminars/talk-shows were delivered to no-profit organizations such as schools, colleges, community based organizations, etc. in diverse topics as:

Contents/topics of Our Voluntary Seminars

  • Man vs. Animals
  • Accepting the Responsibility of Life
  • Anger- What does it do?
  • Generating Peace from within
  • Getting rid of Depression
  • Right and Wrong vs. Good and Bad
  • Words-Their effects on our life and personality
  • Saying vs. Doing-The Hypocrisy
  • Learning-Importance and How to?
  • Learned and Ignorant
  • Obligations of Mother
  • Good Teachers
  • Self Consciousness
  • Character and why to bother?
  • Psychology of Lying and Cheating
  • Positive Thinking
  • Faith and Belief
  • Mosques-Myths and realities
  • Women-Myth and Reality
  • Peer and Social Pressuresp Educating Your Daughters
  • Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • Obligations of Husband and Wife
  • Selecting your Life Partner
  • Rights and Obligations of Children
  • Child Abuse and Labor
  • Neighbors-Rights and Obligations
  • Why Do we fall sick?
  • Total Wellness
  • Soul healing
  • Healthy Food – Myths and Realities
  • Charity vs. Begging
  • Customs and Traditions-Myths and Realities
  • Environment and Islam
  • Honor Killing-Practice and Reality
  • Parents Character and its effect on Children Psychology
  • Learning to live
  • Social Work and how it affects our lives
  • House maids and servants – Pros and Cons
  • Where is God and How to find Him?

How to Arrange a Community Seminar